12 Best Reasons Follow Experts in Your Field on Social Media

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Among the many reasons to follow experts in your field are to form a relationship with them and to create a reputation for yourself. We’ve listed in detail how to do that.

Make yourself well-known to them

Experts in your field already have a following. They are up-to-date with the latest knowledge and trends of the industry. They already have relationships with a lot of other big players in the field. By making yourself well-known to them, you are establishing yourself as a player in the field. Follow them on all of their social media channels. Here are some other important ways to connect with an expert:

  • invite them out for lunch or coffee
  • ask them to have a conversation about their field
  • offer your services to them
  • give them something of value for free
  • write a guest blog post and ask if they’d like to share it

They may share your posts

Social media is a place of sharing. People who share information gain credibility. If you write a post or status update that is of value to the expert, they may share it with their followers. This could mean many more eyes on your content and more awareness of your brand.

Your SEO improves

Having your social media content or blog posts shared on someone else’s website or social media channel increases your SEO score. These backlinks provide more opportunities for potential customers to visit your website.

Their followers may find you

If the expert in your field follows you, their followers may check out who they’re following. This will give them a great opportunity to find out more about your company. If the expert shares your posts, you will be seen as more of a content expert and will gain recognition in the industry. Be sure to have a quality website and to include your social media links on your website so that people can find you easily.

You could end up working with them

Experts in the field need to work with someone too. They may hire you for subcontracting work, purchase supplies from you, or you may collaborate on a project. Another option is that they could connect you with another friend of theirs in the field and you could gain opportunities that way.

You can follow their followers

On social media channels, you often have the opportunity to see who users are following, and who is following them. Often, if you follow some people who have recently followed the expert in your field, they may follow you back as well.

Find new and emerging leaders in your field

It’s good to be connected with others in your field. Not only is it important to connect with the big guys, but also the smaller ones. If you connect with everyone possible, you will gain new followers in the field. If they’re smaller players than you, you will gain credibility as a bigger player in your field when they start following you.

Social media is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. With a few simple steps, you can gain credibility and traction in promoting yourself and developing a following with a growing reputation.

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