UpMedia Marketing

We are a full-service web design and marketing studio located in Montclair, NJ. We specialize in web design, content management, SEO, social media, and brand strategy. Focusing on goal-driven marketing and the user experience, we can create an inviting sales funnel that engages customers and leads them to convert.

We educate and inform our customers about how the elements of human-centered marketing fit together to create a custom plan. We interview clients and do customer and industry research.

We have worked with over 50 customers since we were founded by Clare Suereth in 2012 to combine human-centered design and sharing on the web. We work large projects, small requests, and ongoing projects. We have prior experience in art, design, teaching, and sales.



What do we do to get started?

First, we’ll make a list of your website goals and a list of customer needs and build the content and website design from that.

Brand Strategy

How can my website provide that great first impression?

Collaboration between the website owners, designers, and writers is the first step in creating an effective website. We focus on guiding customers down the sales funnel and doing user testing where possible. Creating the content and visual design based on user needs makes sure that your website works for your customers.

Visual Design

How do we get an impressive-looking website?

To get an impressive look, your website needs to represent your business’s personality, products, and services, and also meet your customers expectations. We do business, customer, and competitor research to plan an effective website before we ever start the design or code. A great-looking website also depends on having great quality written content and images on the site.


Do you implement SEO?

Search engine optimization is a big part of any website. We build SEO into the back end of your website, using title tags and keeping page titles consistent with URLs. SEO can be an element of content planning, and should be done along-side it for best results. We can also make general SEO recommendations.


How long will the website take to complete?

We start the website from the start date that we receive all of your content. Websites usually take 8 weeks to complete, with 2 weeks for each of the stages in the timeline below. It is important to complete each phase fully before going on to the next. Smaller projects may not use all of these steps.

Project Timeline

  • Business & Customer Research

    To learn about your business personality and your customer demographics to discover goals and meet user needs.

  • Content & Design Planning

    To plan for the sales funnel and look at competitor research. Using the business and customer research to plan the right design for your business by looking at industry trends and visual preferences.

  • Design & Development

    To implement the plan with code and CMS based on wireframes and discussions.

  • Testing & Launch

    To implement the mobile layout, test the website, and launch, including implementing security and uploading the site to your web host.

What our customers say

“UpMedia Marketing and Clare Suereth played an invaluable role in both the creation and launching of my company website.

A high level of professionalism, well-informed and timely decision making, and most importantly, a knack for managing important details, are all part of the exceptional customer service that UpMedia Marketing provides.

I simply cannot recommend Clare, and the services of UpMedia Marketing highly enough!”

– Simply Done