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A Great Planning Process for Written Content

Content is incredibly important to the success of a website. In addition to the design and images, content is “scanned” during the first few seconds of making an impression of a website. Planning content properly makes a huge difference in how useful the website is perceived to be. Purpose scope The first step in planning […]

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15 Top Web Design Trends for 2016

With companies starting to view websites as a tool to create a relationship with their customers, websites are focusing on more human-centered design. This increases adoption and usability, with the design becoming about the user’s overall experience. Here is a list of the best upcoming web design trends for 2016: 1. Large background pictures As […]

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7 Important Steps in Content Strategy

Content strategy is not just about getting some words on a page to get by. Create that magical moment where customers will take the action that you want them to, and for them to be moved by it. You need to create enough wonder, inspiration, or interest for them to want to keep reading. Topic […]

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Integrate Social Media Into Your Website

There are a variety of ways to integrate social media into your website. You can link to your social media accounts, display a single message, or a whole live feed. Here is more information about what options there are. Text or icon links to your social media profiles The most simple and common way to […]

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10 Types of Social Media Content that Give You a Boost

Sharing about your business on social media creates an impression of what your business is like. The more you share, the more people will know. It’s good to share various types of content so your customers don’t get tired of hearing the same things over and over. You pretty much can’t share too much. If […]

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How to Write Visually Attractive Blog Posts

Getting the ideas down is one thing, but how do you make your post look easy-to-read and eye-catching? The key is to break up a wall of text and include many different elements for visual interest. This way, the reader still benefits. There is a lot of research that says website visitors don’t read very […]

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