Content Strategy

Content Strategy

We research and write quality content

Content Planning
We create content that will be sharable, content that will help your end users to use your products and services as a meaningful solution, meeting their needs through unique selling proposition.
Content Audit
Checking the content is a great way to determining next steps. Content should be checked to make sure it still meets the requirements of it’s purpose, and that there is not extra content where there shouldn’t be.
User Research
User-centered design is reached with more effective strategic planning and approaches. We focus on user story and agile approaches that produces insight into the key users.
We work with subject matter experts to create new and quality content that is great for your visitors and for SEO. They say content is king, so we like to let the content do the talking.
Content needs to be maintained after a project launch. Occasional monitoring of it’s freshness and updating if necessary will keep it relevant for your users and your business.
Voice & Tone Guide
Creating guidelines that will help keep all of the content on your site in the same marketing “voice”, your brand will have a consistent feel to your readers. Having a consistent voice can help meet your user’s needs.
Core & Mobile
Organizing and ranking content tailored to your users helps provide a seamless experience on desktop and mobile versions of your website, and triggers an “Aha!” moment when they find your site.
Business Discovery
We get to know your business before creating any content. We want to know we’re making content that will represent your business and connect with your readers by doing industry and user research.
User Persona
Creating a definition of a user persona is a great way to understand your website visitors and customers. By using guidelines created by the persona, we make sure that every element on the website specifically meets their needs.
User Experience
The written content on the page does make a difference in the user experience. We create content that users enjoy. We focus on using user research to create a great content plan.

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