How to Increase Backlinks

Increasing backlinks means that other sites are linking to you. It is one of the top factors in the search results ranking algorithm and can drastically improve your ranking in the search results. Here are some ways to increase your backlinks. It is important to get links from higher quality sites than your own. Links from low quality sites will actually negatively effect your SEO ranking.

Write a guest post on a popular blog

A way to get a link on a higher ranking site is to write a guest post. The blog that your guest post will be published on should be either in your same industry or a complementary niche. It should add value to the readers, and then you will have additional visitors and search engine credibility.

Write an article for an online journal or magazine

In addition to writing a blog post, you can write an article for a journal or magazine. These tend to be more formal, but should also let you add a link back to your site along with your name and a short author description at the bottom of the article.

Connect with well-known figures in your industry

Connecting with the big players in your industry can offer many perks. They may publish an article that you’ve written, or maybe they can write one for your website. You can mention them in an article and that will help you seem more knowledgable. If you offer them something for free, they may be more likely to mention you.

Publish quality content on your blog

The simplest way to get more backlinks is to write quality content that people will want to link to. Having the elements in your blog post that make it easy to read, like subheadings, links, and bullet points, will make good content seem even better. Provide social media sharing links to encourage others to share your blog and link to you.

List your site on local business directories

Listing your website on local business directories counts as creating backlinks. In fact, search engines specifically look at local business directories to determine if your site is a real business. Backlinks from local business directories are easy to create and also help you rank higher in the search results.

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