7 Simple Ways Business Research Makes Your Website Better

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Business research is the most important and first step of website design. If we don’t know the business goals, how can we plan the design and content? Research about your business helps provide an accurate representation of your company online.


Defining goals for your website is the first stage of website design planning. With no goal, what sets the course of action? We start with lists of goals. We’ll need several specific goals for the website and smaller goals for each page. We check to make sure all the other content on the site supports these goals before they are published.


Doing business research helps uncover and discover your brand’s personality. Accurately representing your company’s feelings and beliefs is an important element of brand recognition. It is part what your customers will use to decide if they want to do business with you.

Brand recognition

It is important for customers to know they’re in the right place. Recognizing the elements on the page as being from the same brand helps them know that. These elements, and more, create an impression for your visitors:

  • the shape, size, and color of the fonts
  • the wording you use and the tone and style of the content
  • color of the other website elements
  • the following of industry trends
  • the general layout of the page
  • the specific use headlines and subheadings

Making your brand recognizable gives your customers a professional impression. It also gives you a strong market presence.


Being open in your website content is an important way to connect with your customers. You should connect with them about what you can. Let them know your intentions and what you care about. Customers will know that you have intentions, but it is good to be clear about what they are! Displaying them on your website makes you seem active, open, and honest about the customer relationship.


Learning about your company helps customers differentiate you from others. When we do competitor research, we can define what sets you apart on your website.

Design trends

Focus on design trends that might be right for your company. This is a good way to represent yourself to your customer. Design trends happen throughout the web and are not limited to one industry or another. Any industry can use any style they wish, but certain trends may work well for some businesses more than others. Using the project goals defined in the first stages of the website research, you can decide which design trends would fit your business best.

Meet customer needs

One of the main purposes of a website is to meet user needs. Customer needs are usually geared toward the customer experience. Customers aren’t worried about getting more sign-ups on the website. Users need to know if the product or service is right for them. In order for them to find that out, we should tailor the website to meet those needs.

There are many ways business research helps you carry out the main goals of the website. Representing your company with clear intentions enables customers get more value out of visiting your site. It helps them be confident they are in the right place.

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