Social Media

Social Media

We create engaging updates for your visitors

Social Media
Engaging on social media networks can show your visitors that your brand is active and show your brand personality. Social media is often the first impression a visitor gets of a brand.
Blog Writing
New and quality content is great for your visitors and for SEO. They say content is king. Increase your topic depth and deepen niche content.
Social Platforms
Use the popular social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. We develop a social strategy that focuses on connecting with your customers.
Platform Design
Designing your social media header image to match your current branding is important to maintaining your business image.
Social Integration
Connect with your social media visitors on your website. Link to and from your website on your social media accounts.
Monthly Reporting
Analytics are a great way to track progress. A monthly PDF reprot can show you how many interactions you’ve had.
Editorial Calendar
We create a set of updates and send them to you before they’re live. We want to deliver quality interactions to your visitors.
Content Types
Adding various conversational content types is important to keep visitor interest. Adding questions, tips and tricks, challenges, and news updates all help keep visitors active.
Calls to Action
In every post there should be an opportunity to further engage with you. This can be a link to your website, or an invitation to an event or even a tip on how to get or use a new product.
Media Types
Visitors like to see more than just text. That’s why it’s important to vary media types. Including images, video and curated content can help create engaging posts and keep your channel fresh.

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