5 Top On-page Items Google Looks for to Rank Your Site Higher

Your website is filled with words and you want to rank higher in the search engines. Google will look at all the words on your site to determine your search engine ranking. While all the words on your site are important, some have a higher ranking weight than others. Here is a list of items that have the highest ranking weight per page.

Your main heading, title, and URL

The title of your page is what you see at the top of your browser. It is on your web page. If your website displays your title, it is the main “heading” on your page. The URL is the string of characters your visitor types in (or is attached to the link they clicked). This should also be displayed in your browser.

The difference between the 3 highest ranking content items

These three elements are generally the highest ranking content elements on the page. Since they all have a similar function (to let visitors and Google know what your site is about), they should all contain similar words. The URL should be the same as your title, to help clarify your content. Your main heading should be similar to your title. It can be a little bit different to illustrate a specific way of introducing the information, but it should tell the readers that your page is about the same topic as your title and URL.

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The consistency of your topic matters

If your page is about something other than what you have described in your topic, visitors and search engines will be confused. You don’t want to turn off visitors and search engines because then they won’t come back and won’t rank you higher in the search results. Quality content that helps visitors is what you’re after.

The rest of your content

The rest of your page should have 3 or more subheadings, breaking down the rest of the content to describe the topic. These subheadings should be sub-topics of your main content topic (and of your title and URL), so plan ahead. It should start with an introduction paragraph and end with a conclusion and a call to action.

Additional on-page SEO ranking items

Google also checks if your page has any images and if those images have alt tags in the code to describe what they are about. Properly formatted outbound links that add to the value of your content for the visitor are a sign of trust and help you rank higher.

The most important thing to do when writing is to write with a focused purpose and stick to the topics you’ve chosen to write about. Too much or too little content is bad for the visitor. An authentically written page with a clear goal and valuable information helps visitors (and search engines) get what they want right away.

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