8 Social Media Post Types

It is good to vary your social media post types because it offers a variety of ways to take in the information for the reader, and it also allows you to broaden your topics and show your depth of knowledge. In addition, it offers more perspectives on your content and the industry.

How to

This is a relatively simple post type. Describing how to do something can be a short post or a long one. You should always include an image along with your text. You can describe it quickly or go into detail. The more detail you add, the more thoughtful your post will appear.


Videos can be more descriptive than text with a picture. You can show real-time interaction with clients, show how a process works, or a client testimonial or finished product. You can also take footage of a company or industry event.


Guides are very popular because they are a more detailed how to. They show how to do something from start to finish. You can have different levels of guides, and the more advanced levels tend to be the most popular. Guides can be long and often show multiple perspectives on the topic.


List posts are a collection of items that you turn into a list. They are pretty straightforward. It can be a list of links, a list of items or ways to do something. They tend to be pretty popular because they offer a lot of possibilities and resources or ideas in a very small package.


An infographic is a visual display of information instead of a written one. An infographic often shows statistics and comparisons between sets of data. Generally there is the same design style throughout the infographic to make it visually appealing.

Case study

A case study is a great example of not only how something works, but also proof that it works. It also shows how a product or service works in a way that a list of benefits and features cannot.


A podcast is a great way to reach a larger audience. Some podcasts are strictly auditory, while others have images or slides to go along with them. During a podcast, you can describe your products and services, take questions from online attendees, or interview an important person in your field.


An interview is an important way to connect with your audience. Not only will you be able to connect with those that already follow you, but it is likely that you will also connect with whoever is following the person you are interviewing. You can plan your interview questions around what benefits the experience can offer your audience.

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