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Benefits vs. Features

“Benefits or features?” is an important distinction when you’re explaining your services and products to your clients. They both describe things, but benefits will show your clients how you can help them and what sets you apart from the competition, whereas features are just a description of an item. Another distinction is in the storytelling […]

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5 Steps Towards Reducing Your Bounce Rate

Every website aims for the lowest bounce rate possible. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the site without clicking on anything to go to another page, and can be found in Google Analytics. A high bounce rate tells you that you may have a problem with your website. It could be […]

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Keywords on a page

3 Simple Steps to Do Keyword Research

It is important to use keywords in your content, because words are what the search engines use to find out what your content is about. The keyword is the topic of the page. In order get keywords, do the following steps: Make an initial keyword list Make a list of 20 words you use in […]

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How to Increase Backlinks

Increasing backlinks means that other sites are linking to you. It is one of the top factors in the search results ranking algorithm and can drastically improve your ranking in the search results. Here are some ways to increase your backlinks. It is important to get links from higher quality sites than your own. Links […]

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