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How to Use Keywords on Your Website

Keywords may be the single most important factor on your website. While they cannot be removed from the other important factors, such as quality authentic content and a great on-site experience, it is great to know how to use them. What are keywords? As mentioned in our other keyword post, keywords are the words on […]

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Target with Social Icons

How User Stories Shape Content

What are user stories? User stories are a great and useful way to plan the content for an entire website, or on any particular page. They make sure that content concise and timely. User stories are based on types of users A list of user actions is made for each type of user demographic. For […]

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Open Envelope

How to Create an Inviting Customer Experience that Converts

Invitational approaches create a welcoming and open feel to a business interaction. Showing the process and clearly outlining the benefits and features shows that you are open to making the experience likable. Transparency will create trust. Communicate your niche Not every solution is right for every customer, so the more you can show which problems […]

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5 Easy Ways to Optimize On-Site Code

Optimizing your website’s coding structure is one important step of SEO, and one of the only SEO steps that you can take right on your website. As far as SEO goes, on-site code consists of H1 H2 and H3 tags, keyword placement, URL structure and file sizes. Keyword placement Keywords are important to have on […]

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