HTML on Laptop Screen

5 Easy Ways to Optimize On-Site Code

Optimizing your website’s coding structure is one important step of SEO, and one of the only SEO steps that you can take right on your website. As far as SEO goes, on-site code consists of H1 H2 and H3 tags, keyword placement, URL structure and file sizes. Keyword placement Keywords are important to have on […]

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Collaboration and Potential

The Limitless Potential of People

People possess untapped potential in all areas of things they try to do. In a community, collectively all of the answers may be found in its inhabitants. Listening and working together can create more solutions that affect more people positively. Attitudes matter Attitudes of “doing with” instead of a “doing to” increases the morale and […]

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Collaboration Activity

How to Make Content Creation Collaborative

When content creation is collaborative, the quality of the content increases. Website users are able to find the information that’s valuable to them, and businesses use their resources to guide customers effectively. Determining what content should remain on the site and how it will be maintained and new content created must be answered by the […]

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Content on a smartphone

3 Ways to Brainstorm New Content Topics

Find New Content Finding new content can seem tricky. Here are a few ways to brainstorm content topics to write about. Create a Keyword List You should always have a list of words that you regularly use with your customers about your products and services. Create a list of words (keywords) 10-20 words long. Avoid […]

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