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Invite Customers to Interact with You

People like to be invited When you extend an intentional invitation for someone to engage in something, they know what you want them to do. They feel more at ease taking advantage of your offer, because they know that once they do, they’ll still be welcome. People reciprocate invitations Customers who accept invitations will have […]

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Girl posing with confidence

10 Ways Creative Confidence Grows Your Business

Creative confidence is essential to getting things done right. It is involved in decision-making. It helps you plan your future. It gets problems solved. It takes risks to try something and see how it works out. It can be the motivation that spurs your next big business move. 1. Creativity is inherent Creativity cannot be […]

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7 Simple Ways Business Research Makes Your Website Better

Business research is the most important and first step of website design. If we don’t know the business goals, how can we plan the design and content? Research about your business helps provide an accurate representation of your company online. Goals Defining goals for your website is the first stage of website design planning. With […]

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Content planning on whiteboard

10 Reasons to Develop a Clear Content Strategy

Define the goals and methods of your content strategy. This will make the content creation process easier. It will create higher quality content and give you a simple schedule. It will create guides as to how to create the content and what it should sound like. Support website goals A clear and defined content strategy […]

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Blogging on laptop computer

10 Ways Blogging Helps Grow Your Business

Blogging is one of the most important ways to market as a business. A blog can help customers get a first impression of your company, and find out more about a certain topic. Blogging can move your company in the right direction. 1. Blogging tells prospects you’re an active company Blog posts show customers that […]

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