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HTTP vs HTTPS and SEO Results

HTTP vs HTTPS, what’s the difference? The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that websites with an “https” in the URL are secured with an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate encrypts the content sent from visitors through contact forms on the website. This keeps customer information, like credit card data, safe. Currently, Google Chrome shows […]

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7 Simple Ways Business Research Makes Your Website Better

Business research is the most important and first step of website design. If we don’t know the business goals, how can we plan the design and content? Research about your business helps provide an accurate representation of your company online. Goals Defining goals for your website is the first stage of website design planning. With […]

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15 Top Web Design Trends for 2016

With companies starting to view websites as a tool to create a relationship with their customers, websites are focusing on more human-centered design. This increases adoption and usability, with the design becoming about the user’s overall experience. Here is a list of the best upcoming web design trends for 2016: 1. Large background pictures As […]

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How to A/B Test to Increase Conversions Continuously

A/B testing can continuously improve the most important metrics on your site with a small amount of effort. From collecting data to analyzing results, your website can see some big gains in your key performance metrics. What is A/B testing A/B testing is running two similar versions of a page at a time to see […]

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5 Steps Towards Reducing Your Bounce Rate

Every website aims for the lowest bounce rate possible. A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the site without clicking on anything to go to another page, and can be found in Google Analytics. A high bounce rate tells you that you may have a problem with your website. It could be […]

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