How to Create an Inviting Customer Experience that Converts

Invitational approaches create a welcoming and open feel to a business interaction. Showing the process and clearly outlining the benefits and features shows that you are open to making the experience likable. Transparency will create trust.

Communicate your niche

Not every solution is right for every customer, so the more you can show which problems you solve, the better you’ll be able to move the most qualified leads down the sales funnel.

Voice & tone

The quality of your speaking (or writing) style gives a big impression about the personality of your company. If you are inviting and conversational in your writing, you will have extended a welcoming and attractive invitation to your visitor. Use plain English and short sentences, providing just the content that is needed. The steps of the sales funnel can help you move towards an acceptance without sounding like you’re trying to make a sale.

Address your niche

Focus on writing to your niche. Communicating clearly with the customers you’re aiming for is more effective than broad and generalized content. A key to this is to focus on and learn about those demographics in your niche, and they will be most likely to be your customers.

Educate and Inform

Continue to provide more information to people about the things they’ll need to know prior to making the purchase. Invitations and educational information can be in any item on the site, such as the text on the homepage, a newsletter, a social media update, a blog post, an advertisement or a landing page. Every area of your site should have inviting language on it. The informational and educational areas of your site can also be any area of your site, including what are the invitational steps for another visitor. So making all areas of the site transparently informational and educational is important also.

Understand your audience
think outside the box

The more you understand the audience you’re speaking to, the more you can address their fears, answer their questions, and give them the information that they need. You can also do this in a way that they will be receptive to. Being sensitive to your customer’s prior knowledge and feelings can go a long way in whether they will continue down the sales funnel.

Ask them to accept

To make it easy for the visitor to accept your invitations, you’ll need to place a call to action on every applicable page. A call to action can be as simple as a link to your contact page, another blog post, or your phone number. It can be an inquiry form, a shopping cart, or a link to customer testimonials or recent events. Asking the customer to do anything that helps shape their experience is a call to action, and an acceptance button.

If the customer feels comfortable accepting your invitation, is able to consider the features and benefits, and feels that it’s right for them, then they’ll accept. A positive attitude can go a long way in shaping content and creating that positive experience for the customer.

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