How to Make Content Creation Collaborative

When content creation is collaborative, the quality of the content increases. Website users are able to find the information that’s valuable to them, and businesses use their resources to guide customers effectively.

Determining what content should remain on the site and how it will be maintained and new content created must be answered by the content stakeholders. By determining what users need to do and understand on each page, the content on that page can be planned and developed.

Items to consider in content planning

How much content is currently on the site? The amount of content has a large impact on the project.
The current site should have a content audit done. Everyone in the project will benefit from the value of auditing the content and the insights provided by the audit. Old content can be curated from.

Big steps in the project

Content is one of the most resource intensive parts of the project. Content cannot be just migrated from the old site to the new site. Old content needs to be evaluated in light of your new user stories and acceptance criteria (determining it’s value).

Content quality

Outdated or poor quality content from the current site that does not meet the value criteria will not feel fresh or accurate to readers and should be archived. A new site is a great opportunity to spruce up old content.

Analytics on your current data will help determine what kind of data you have and should keep, in addition to what you should create. If you don’t have analytics on your current website’s content, some should definitely be implemented with the project.

Content quality and subject experts are of great importance during the project and after launch. Putting in effort to product good content will pay off with the new site!

User research

Finding out more about the information that will help your users is another step in making great content. Answering any frequently asked questions, posing answers to common problems, and acknowledging customer difficulties can go a long way in the effectiveness of your written content. Read How User Stories Shape Content for more information on how to make content user-focused.

Content ownership and maintenance

Good content needs ownership. For better results, content should be planned collaboratively between writers, designers and project stakeholders, and revisited once every 6 months for revisions if necessary.

A voice and tone guide

Having a content style guide will help create a consistent brand voice for the company. This will help the content be of higher quality. A style guide can be a simple, but necessary part of a content plan between multiple parties.

Determining these steps before beginning the content creation will lead to a single directed goal for everyone. Designers, writers and stakeholders will all be able to see the clear purpose, need, and function for each piece of content on the site.

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