How User Stories Shape Content

What are user stories?

User stories are a great and useful way to plan the content for an entire website, or on any particular page. They make sure that content concise and timely.

User stories are based on types of users

A list of user actions is made for each type of user demographic. For instance, a physical card (or digital card if using a card board system like Trello) is made that says, “As a particular kind of user, I want to accomplish a certain task.” This can be written also as, “As a ____________, I want to _____________.” The types of user become the columns in a board and the tasks become the cards.

user story board
The more specific the better

User stories need to be very specific so that the right kinds of experiences can be created for the website’s users. Instead of saying, “As a visitor, I want to view the page,” you could say, “As a potential customer, I want to download the free PDF.”

Add acceptance criteria

Another way to make the user story cards more specific and understandable is to add an acceptance criteria to each card. This would add on an ending to each user story sentence: “As a [user demographic], I want to [action], so that [acceptance criteria].” You could say, “As a potential customer, I want to download the free PDF so that I can get tips about eating healthy.”

Test the content with your users

Once you have come up with your user story cards and placed them in the right order or locations on your site, do some user testing with actual users and find out if there are any road bumps along the way. It’s easier to iron out issues this early before finishing writing the final drafts of the content and designing the site. Users can give great feedback that can help you make the content even better for the other users.

A better experience with user stories

User stories shape the content on the site and each individual page, (and also avoid adding unnecessary content to the pages). Websites and pages that are straightforward, succinct, and simple will make a great impression on your visitors and lead them to the proper actions and user experiences at each step.

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