HTTP vs HTTPS and SEO Results

HTTP vs HTTPS, what’s the difference?

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that websites with an “https” in the URL are secured with an SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate encrypts the content sent from visitors through contact forms on the website. This keeps customer information, like credit card data, safe.


Currently, Google Chrome shows a green icon to indicate that the website is secure. They’ve also reportedly given a small SEO boost to websites that are using an SSL Certificate.

Future browser notifications for HTTP vs HTTPS

However, because so many websites are now using SSL Certificates, Google Chrome is planning to show a “Not Secure” message in the browser starting¬†in October 2018. These security warnings could cause visitors to leave your website, resulting in higher bounce rates and lower sales and conversions.

In October, Chrome will also stop showing the green security icon for websites with SSL Certificates. Instead, they’ll just show the red warning and message for sites without an SSL Certificate. Their reason for this is that customers will want to know the websites they visit will be secure with https vs http.

Takeaway: When should you plan for changing HTTP to HTTPS?

While it is beneficial to have an SSL Certificate on your website no matter whether there is a warning sign on the browser, the warning signs will not appear until October. If you can get an SSL Certificate before then, we recommend that you do so. If you decide to wait until October, we recommend that you get one no later than that, to preserve your website traffic and user experience.

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