The Limitless Potential of People

People possess untapped potential in all areas of things they try to do. In a community, collectively all of the answers may be found in its inhabitants. Listening and working together can create more solutions that affect more people positively.

Attitudes matter

Attitudes of “doing with” instead of a “doing to” increases the morale and more people become willing participants instead of blocking progress.

Doing with

A “doing with” attitude gives the impression that the person initiating the conversation has respect and care. Asking the people who have a problem to solve questions about how it would affect their lives gives quality information that informs answers that really work. It lets readers know that you are willing to put in the work to help them have a positive experience on your site, and that you’re willing to listen, and make changes if necessary.

Customer experience
Thank you sign

Every moment of the customer experience matters. As time goes on, we find that companies willing to go the extra mile (or add the extra detail) are part of what really makes a customer experience stand out from the rest. Aside from the basics or the minimum of what you can offer, thinking outside the box to help make the experience delightful can make a big impression on the customer. Your attitude will affect theirs. For more information on how to impress customers, read How to Create an Inviting Customer Experience that Converts.

Ask questions to let people know that you’re interested in them as valuable human beings instead of sales. Invite them and be transparent. Let them know what to expect. Give them some background information to help them learn and gain skills before interacting with you, so everyone gains.

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