Perception and Sensitivity in the Conversion Process

It’s all about the experience, right? So user perceptions serve as a basis for behavior. These can create expectations based on past experiences. Structuring your website data to show clients that you can solve their problems will make their trust in you grow.

Sensitivity and reflection

Being sensitive to the needs of your customers will encourage them to expect more positive interactions, and they will grow to have a feel-good and comfortable experience with your company.

Learn about customers’ hopes, fears, dreams, beliefs and worldviews.

If you show how you can show how you can provide a solution that is in line with your customers’ hopes and beliefs, then you will have gained a lot of credit. Answer frequently asked questions right away and on the homepage of your website, if you can. Your customers will see you as a solution.

Create inviting website copy

Every element on the site creates an impression. Luckily, we have control over how we intend for that impression to feel. Each item can have it’s own place in making the overall site feel welcoming and like it provides a solution. By creating an inviting customer experience, you can more smoothly lead your prospects down the sales funnel to become a converting customer.

Act on the perception of sensitivity

“We speak with words; but words are not just uttered; they are spoken.” This is a quote from a book about creating positive experience for kids in school, but it translates well to business. Perceptions count for a lot in the eyes of the customer. If you structure your web experience in a way that shows your customer that you care about their hopes and fears, they will act on their belief that you are there to help them.

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