3 Ways to Brainstorm New Content Topics

Find New Content

Finding new content can seem tricky. Here are a few ways to brainstorm content topics to write about.

Create a Keyword List

You should always have a list of words that you regularly use with your customers about your products and services. Create a list of words (keywords) 10-20 words long. Avoid technical jargon. These words will also be the kinds of words that people searching for your products and services will type into search engines.

This list will help generate ideas. Make each keyword into the topic for a separate article or page.

Create from your customers’ point of view

Consider your customers’ worldviews for more inspiring and impressive topics. Your level of knowledge about their needs and wants will increase. With a list of big picture concepts and ideas that your customers have in their lives, you can start to make a list of article ideas that will help them as they pertain to your business. Customers and prospects will be happy to see content geared towards them and to know that you care enough to learn even more about them.

You can add things to this list like:

  • Tips and tricks
  • Educational topics
  • Guides
  • Book reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Questions
  • Lists
  • Link lists
  • eBooks
  • Case studies
Doing user research to come up with new topics

You can find out as much as you can about your visitors and what their demographics are. This information combined with what problems they have that you can help solve can lead to a great new variety of topics. For information on one way to use user research to create content, see How User Stories Shape Content.

Repurpose or refresh current content

You can refresh old content by reviewing and revising it, updating it with newer and more relevant information. You can repurpose old content by applying an idea you’ve already used to a new topic, or by combining topics.

Having fresh content is important for visitors, and having fresh content that resonates with them is important as well. New content topics can seem difficult to create, but when following a process that is informed by customer research, you can create a lot of fresh content that will resonate with your readers.

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